Letting Go

We’ve been home about a month. My perspective on our trip of 3 months is now fully in the rear view mirror.

One of the first things I did was toss my old flip flops. They served me well but were so worn, large sharp rocks went fully noticed. That was very freeing.

I have gotten to see all 8 grandchildren since we got home. While it’s a bit crazy sometimes, they are all such good kids. They have loving, kind hearts. I missed them and that’s one of the hardest things about being gone. But obviously my children are doing a good job and they are in good hands.

Since I retired almost a year ago, I’ve been conflicted about renewing my R.D.H. license. Registered Dental Hygienist. This was who I was since I graduated from dental hygiene school at age 22. Dental hygiene programs are brutal. Hard to get into, hard to pass. Many long nights studying. Hard nosed instructors who seemed more like drill sergeants. 3 days of state and national boards. I persevered. I passed it all with blood, sweat and tears. The payoff was a 38 year career that helped us prosper but helped me, personally become a confident leader in the office I spent 28 years in. Fast forward to no office. No team to help oversee. Pass off your team, your responsibilities to someone else.

Anyway, I digress as I tend to do. I haven’t “filled in” once. And now, 10+ months out, I can’t imagine jumping back into the fray. In order to do that, “jump into the fray” thing, I would need to bust out some continuing education before July 10. But I wonder why? I guess my point is it’s time to let go. And it’s almost harder than leaving my position of 28 yrs because it means I’m really leaving it all behind. That means I’m no longer who I was for my whole adult life. And that’s damn scary.

I’m letting go. Moving on. I may no longer be a hygienist, I may not know exactly who I am but to figure it out, I’m letting go and stepping out in faith.


3 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. You can clean my teeth anytime. Same way I feel about my notary. I’ve had it since 1970 but I think I will renew it even though it’s $80 and I’ll be flashing around the country but it is good nationally so I figured why not. If you don’t see yourself going back into the field anymore I wouldn’t get it renewed. Like the song says Let It Go. Glad you got to see the grand kiddies. Happy trails!


  2. I think non-hygienist Lisa is going to be equally as awesome. I think you should renew for now. Too early to tell if you might want to cover a vacation or a maternity leave…just for fun. Have fun finding some new flip flops! xoxo


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