Sorting it out

There are 2 big things on our agenda this upcoming summer. First, a garage sale. After years of collecting, I’m now ready to, um, uncollect? Not sure if that’s a word. Maybe purging or cleaning out is better. When you have a 2400 square foot house, and it’s been only 2 of you for 5 to 8 years, there’s just too much space to shove things into closets and spare rooms. Our kids have been permanently gone for 5 yrs. Somehow they never seem to take all their stuff with them. Because we’ve had the space, I haven’t worried about it too much. But (there’s that word!), now we’re looking to possibly sell out in the next few yrs with a thought of downsizing and even maybe relocating to a new community.

As I’m going through boxes, bins and bags, it’s funny how it’s sooo clear when something needs to go. I opened a box that among other things, had 2 large rocks in it, about the size of my palm. They weren’t pretty. Why were they in there? Did of my kids give them to me because they were “special”? Or did I pick them up somewhere once and there was something special about the place? Who knows? I didn’t chuck them afar, just placed them outside. Can’t mess with the rock god’s, just in case ….


One thought on “Sorting it out

  1. Lisa I feel your pain. I’m doing the same thing cleaning out drawers and kindergarten stuff from my 37 year old. I never knew I could collect so many kitchen utensils too!
    Downsizing is therapeutic and so is camping!

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