Being Yuman

We’ve been in Yuma for 2 months. I truly enjoy it here. I can settle in and really live here. As we do that though, there’s not much rambling being done. I did sign up for a month of yoga, after which I promptly wrenched my back. Laying low for a few, then back to getting my stretch on.

We’ve caught up with friends from last year and met new ones. I left for 9 days to do my Gramma duty, watching 2 grandchildren while their parents recharged. I learned (or re-learned) that 2 year olds are challenging and there’s a reason young people have children.

While I was in Spokane, it snowed. This cemented my resolve to avoid cold weather. Brrr! This morning, reading some online news, I see it snowed at home in western Washington. This doesn’t always happen in winter there. I’m glad I’m missing it.

I have perfected another vessel for calories, embracing my new found “Yuman-ness”. Jalapeño poppers. Cream cheese, garlic, bacon and the secret ingredient: dates. I know, it sounds weird but the sweet with the savory and spicy, well, damn, you just gotta try them.

Until next time, friends!


2 thoughts on “Being Yuman

  1. I love reading your blog. You have great perspective on your own journey. I’ll need the recipe for the Jalapeño poppers! Keep stretching, try to ramble a bit, and keep writing. Miss ya.

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    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I feel like I’ve had writer block. And while it is the Rambling Riley’s, I don’t want to ramble on with words. Miss you too!


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