Friends, Old and New

As travellers we meet people almost daily. We’ve been parked in Yuma at an RV park for a bit. We’ve had several RVs move in near us, then a week later, move on. Some we connect with, others no more than a head nod.

It’s a weird phenomenon. You can look at their RV and think “we’re alike, our RVs are similar” but then….. crickets. Nothing. No connection. They move on, never learning anything about them, except their license plate.

A new day dawns. Someone else backs in nearby. A friendly wave leads to a conversation regarding dogs, awnings, tires, trucks, hitches, whatever. A relationship can bloom.

This year I’ve met the best people. Generous, kind. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

#1 cooks for for us. Not just lame leftovers he’s ditching. This man should seriously open a restaurant. The depth of the flavors he creates are nirvana. Everything is “whoa…..” He’s so generous, buying us breads from a local bakery, inviting us for “snacks” involving smoked BBQ ribs, bringing homemade soups. I really see him as a life long friend. He has a lot in common with the cowboy and he has a border collie. Love him. ♥️

#2 are friends from last year. A super generous couple who would give you the shirt of their back. They’ve been going to Algodones, Mexico for years and have enveloped many people with their love and generosity. Wife has ended up being my sounding board. I know with all I am, that all I’d need to do is call and they’d be there for me. Another friend for life.

#3 is Jan. We met Jan last February in New Mexico. Jan (I can use her name) is from Ohio and travels solo in her class C, license plate “SHESHED” through the winter. She came through Yuma in January and then came back through. We hope to meet up again back in New Mexico, maybe next month. Jan is what we as women want to be. Independent. She figures stuff out, fixes stuff I’d have no idea how to fix, researches what she needs to know. But beyond all that, she is a friend. When you know, you know. One of those kind of friends. We take up like long lost friends but our history is short. Thank you Jan for listening, teaching, giving. ♥️ Follow her blog and travels at Https//

#4 are new friends, a couple who we hit it off with. There’s a music connection with the cowboy. And for me, a friend in the wife. They’re from the NW too. After less than a month together, I consider them friends and know we will make that effort down the road to camp together in the future.

There’s plenty of other folks with a smile, a wave, a kindness I don’t always experience anywhere else, not even where I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life.

RV life, whether as a full timer or a part timer like we are, is an opportunity to learn, to love, to travel, to embrace people, to grow.

Do it.


6 thoughts on “Friends, Old and New

  1. Love, love you girl! Back at you girlfriend on the friendship, mutual respect and fellow nomad. Love our conversations and trips to
    Mexico! You make a kiss ass broccoli slaw!


  2. Love your post! I am grateful for meeting you girlfriend! You are an excellent writer and you have a great talent for making friends. It was so fun hanging with you, Kevin and Colt. Hope to see you down the road. And thank you for getting my mail! See you tomorrow 😍🍸🍸 Love Jan

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