I am a mom of 3 grown children, and grandma to 8 grandchildren. I am a Christian. I have always been passionate about travel. As much as I love to come home, I love to go, to see, to experience. I want to experience new people, new cultures, new places. Being in a different place around people who may or may not seem like you, stretches you emotionally. It makes you grow and that is what life is about. Growing. Being uncomfortable. Learning as well as teaching.

I was married for over 40 years but am now living on my own, trying to explore on my terms. I’m in my last third, as I refer to it, it will be my time to explore myself and the world. I hope to throw my quirky insights into the places I discover and into who I am. And to let my kids know where in the world is Gramma. Come with me!