Struggles in the new Life

**post edited because I apparently never published it. See next post as to why…..

Soooo. My house went on the market June 13. Just a handful of showings. Missed the moment. Interest rates climbing. Everyone is scared.

I know what my house is. Made with the best materials 32 years ago had to offer. Brand new carpet, remodeled master bath, a dream. The only thing I’ll miss. Kitchen redone 10 years ago. And according to my daughter, not super up-to-date. But stainless Jenn-air appliances, with granite countertops. C’mon! Over all extremely high quality construction, custom brick work. Did I mention mature fruit trees, plum, pear, several apples? A barn/shop, with stalls, fully fenced for any kind of livestock.

So why is the universe crapping on me now? I’ve lived this life, managing my situation, only to step out and……crickets. Missed it, lost out to interest rates, scared investors. I’m so down, trying my hardest to see the bright side but really struggling. How many more lessons am I supposed to learn? When does the reward come? Have I chosen the wrong path? Should I have stayed in purgatory to glean the reward?

The answer is no. Staying wasn’t an option. There’s no reward worth losing my soul. I try to be optimistic. This is life, the ups and downs. Sure is frustrating though.