Negative Nancy and the Crabby Cowboy

Hello, I’m back! I have disposed of my evil twin, Negative Nancy, from my last post. Whew! I had to stuff that b!+@# back into her little box.

I realized after re-reading my last post, that Nancy had one valid point. It’s true we are who we are, whether we are in our 2400 square foot house or 1/10th of that, 240 square foot 5th wheel. But in a trailer, the compressed space can highlight the little things that create our negative feelings.

I have become much more OCD about things being in their place. Maybe it’s a guard against the senility that threatens as we age. If everything has a place, I can go to that place and whatever it is will be there. But in our smaller space, things seem to get moved around, *ahem*. This leads to my enemy Nancy, rearing her head. Nancy loves to argue with Crabby Cowboy.

As with most things, this too passed. And in the words of my wise friend, Kaiya, 🎵”Mama said there’d be days like this”🎶

In case anyone wants to hear about our time in Yuma, that is coming, as we pull out in 5 days. I think it’s best to write reflectively after we’ve left, to have it in the rear view mirror, a completed memory.

So thanks for hanging in there with me, and if I haven’t lost you, I’ll try to be more positive than negative. That is if Crabby Cowboy would quit asking Nancy to dance!