Post travelling weirdness

I step in the door to our home of 30 years after being on the road for 3 months. My first impression is, “Wow, it’s so clean!” Yay, go us, we were smart to leave it tidied up. Because it soon looked like a bomb had gone off in the unpacking process.

Second impression, part A: “It’s so big!” Our home is 2400 sq ft. Our 30 ft 5th wheel at 8 ft wide gives us 240 sq ft. 10%. We lived for 3 months in 10% of the space. Smh.

Second impression, part B: my master bath is probably bigger than our downstairs living area in the 5th wheel. I love my bathroom. We remodeled a few years ago and it’s my favorite room in the house. Heated tile, walk in shower. Heavenly.

When we left on our epic journey, we were expecting to come back with answers to our many questions. We definitely got some answers but many more still go unanswered.

One big question was should we sell out and go full time. The answer for us, at least at this time is no. We loved our travels and while I could probably go for up to another 3 months, I missed the grandkids, my house and just the familiarity of our lives with a bit of extra elbow room. We know we don’t need this big house, we knew that when we left, that we might want to downsize. One question I had was would we find that perfect location to relocate to? As I’ve said in previous blogs about Yuma, I really like it there. Probably not ready to sell here and buy there but I might be ready to spend a few months there in the 5th wheel, giving it a try. Easing into it. I liked all of southern Arizona too.

I do know that my joints, which had a wonderful 3 month break, are starting to scream at me again. There’s nothing like that dry, warm climate. I will do my best to never spend a whole winter in Washington again

Travelling with our 2 13 year old dogs was challenging. We have to use a ramp to get them in and out of the trailer and even with that, they slip occasionally so the in and out is stressful for all of us. Then there’s doggie poop bags. At home they do their business alone in the brush or in the woods. Always taking them on a leash got to be a drag. That’s a good thing about being home.

Sooo back to that bomb that went off. I know whenever you come back from a week or 2, there’s a lot to do. I can’t even explain how tired I was for 3 days unloading, then putting away stuff, then cleaning Helen the 5th wheel. She’s still a mess outside but it’s rainy (What? Raining in the NW?) I did remind the cowboy I do the inside, he does the outside. I don’t think he really meant washing or waxing alone but hey, he set the rules, hee hee.

I took a few clothes I didn’t use. I knew that would be the case. We as women always need this to go with that, and oh this is small, lightweight, won’t take up much room. Times 10. I actually would take a few more heavier clothes since the elevation and wind in New Mexico was colder than I anticipated. It WAS February and up to 8000 feet elevation. So next time….. See I’m already planning again!


One thought on “Post travelling weirdness

  1. Love your synopsis of the welcome home your house gave you. I know I was glad I clean my kitchen when I arrived home. And like you said all the unpacking and storing of items for the next trip. I’m not ready either to go full-time but it’s great downsizing now that I’m having a garage sale this weekend. And you are so right on the clothes I brought too many t-shirts and not enough sweatshirts for the wind. So great meeting you on the road. See you next winter!

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