Christmas 2018 thoughts

It’s a little weird. For me, the desert is a little incongruent at Christmas. Now I know Jesus was born in the desert. I get that. But I’ve lived 60 years doing Christmas in the usual gray, cold drizzle of Washington state my whole life. But not this year. We are spending it in Yuma, Arizona

There won’t be gifts under the tree. I have a 1 foot tall tree, lol.

But there’s other things. A walk through our RV park reveals different ways to decorate and celebrate.

I plan on getting fresh shrimp from Rocky Points for Christmas Eve dinner at Los Algodones

On Christmas day, there’s a potluck dinner put on by the great, selfless volunteers at our park (I’m talking about you, Barb)

As I flip the switch on my gas fireplace in the 5th wheel, I can transport my little space in the desert to a warm cozy home, where I can reflect on Christmas and our Lord who gives us what we need, when we need it. And while my surroundings are different, Christmas is really God and He is wherever I go.

Merry Christmas to all. May blessings abound to you and yours. šŸŽ„


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2018 thoughts

  1. I love your thoughts on Christmas in the trailer park! The fireplace sure looks cozy. I just came back from I real nice get together in our park. Can’t wait to celebrate the New Year soon with you.

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  2. Lisa, That was a great Christmas Eve read! I agree that Christmas is in your heart and you can celebrate anywhere. Thank you for sharing it’s just what I needed. I came back from our Christmas Party and this dam dog had shredded the reflectex on the door, got thru the ladder that I used to block It and scratched through the screen! Argh! So I just ordered a wire cage. I’m not taking any chances! Oh then he pooped and peed on my bed!! Argh! Merry Christmas to me! Not. I ordered a folding cage and I will get on Friday! That way we can sit around the campfire and listen to Kevin play and I won’t have to worry about Ryder! Hopefully tomorrow’s another day! Have a great Christmas! Jan

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